We are happy to present our new Extruder MT 70/30 Med.

This new equipment is born from the partnership of Modenplast Medical with M.T. Meccanica Trecatese. We decided to put together our know how of more that 50 years of extrusion of medical tubing and the production of extruders with the experience and professionality of M.T. in the production of Extruders and accessories that go with them for other fields of applications.
This collaboration led to the creation of the new extruder, that keeps the well known performances of our old extruder 75/30 D with the plus of the new touch screen control system at a more competitive price guaranteed by the experience and know how of M.T.

We can provide our customers, as in the past, with complete lines even for the coextrusion and for the production of tubing in PE and rigid tubing with a vacuum tank.